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Products Descriptions

Cockpit / Canopy / Windshield Covers- Form fitting and durable with non-scratch liner, protects against UV damage to seats and avionics in the cockpit by reducing sun exposure. Provides protection against erosion, corrosion, leaks, prop wash, windshield damage and windshield clouding, sand pitting, ice and condensation build-up.

Full Front End Covers- Superior protection for the entire front end of the aircraft against corrosion from water intrusion, sand, and provides 99% UV protection, by covering the canopy, nose and chin bubbles. Offered with foam padding in select areas to provide greater impact protection. VCI corrosion inhibiting fabric option is available for full front end covers.

Gun Rocket Missile Covers- Protects your munitions from corrosion by dramatically reducing moisture and sand buildup. Our products are lightweight, breathable (high MVTR), non-scratch, durable, and cost effective. VCI corrosion inhibiting fabric option is available for all gun and munition covers.

Rotor Head Covers- Protect the main rotor and tail rotor systems against environmental elements that can cause erosion to mechanical components. These custom fit, anti-corrosion protective covers, shield the lead leg lengths, main gear box, and swashplate. VCI corrosion inhibiting fabric option is available for all Rotor Head Covers.

Blade Covers- Padded and un-padded covers designed to protect the blade from ice, snow, UV rays, and impact from flying debris.

Helicopter Maintenance Shade System- Our patented “portable hangar” provide shade and protection to the aircraft against elements associated with excessive heat, snow, and rain. Under the portable hanger, the temperature can be reduced by 20 degrees. This maintenance shade system shields the helicopter from harmful UV rays which lead to cabin overheating.

Cockpit Interior Sun Shades- Lightweight, collapsible, form fitting, and reflective. Excellent short term solution to reduce heat, and protect seats and avionics from sun exposure. No fasteners required for installation, these reflective sunshades fit in edge of windshield and windows.

Engine Covers and Plugs- Protect the inlet, exhaust and engine access areas. All engine covers conform to technical specifications MIL-C-5778D and AS5778.

Air Data & Sensor Covers- Protect vital data and sensor components with our proprietary non-scratch, breathable, waterproof, mildew proof, lightweight covers. All of our covers can be padded to offer increased protection against impact.

Avionics and Console Protective Covers- Protects the interior components including seats and avionics against damage due to exposure to direct sunlight, or leaks in the canopy, windshield, or side windows.


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