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Rolin Industries' Protective Covers and Tarpaulins

Top-of-the-line, User Friendly, Advanced Technology, Protective Covers and Tarps: A combination of woven and nonwoven, water-resistant fabrics which provide excellent protection in all weather conditions without sacrificing the breathability you need under a cover.

Custom Design and Fit - With 25 years of experience, Rolin's design process is down to a science. From heavy-duty, reinforced tarps to light-weight, dust and sand barriers, Rolin has experience designing covers for all different applications and environments. All designs are ultimately approved for Form, Fit and Function by the customer to meet their unique requirements.

Quality – ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Boeing Gold Rated Supplier. Rolin Industries, Inc. strictly adheres to MIL-STD-129, ASTM D3951 and MIL-STD-147 for all shipments.

Innovation - Since 1991 Rolin Industries has been developing lighter, more durable and cost effective covers and tarps than anyone else. Rolin holds patents which protect our unique product designs and utilizes proprietary material combinations to provide top-of-the-line covers to meet specific task requirements.

Erosion and Corrosion Protection - Rolin's covers are designed to be used in a wide array of climates and protect from sand, UV degradation, heat buildup, ice, snow, salt, high winds and prop wash. Padded covers with cross-linked polyethylene foam provide impact protection from hail and other small debris projectiles.

Durable - Multi-layer design means excellent life expectancy, even in the harshest conditions Rolin’s covers have a 4-year warranty. Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays for entire life of cover while retaining all key characteristics of materials, even after 1000 hours accelerated UV degradation.

Lightweight - Between .35 and 1.25 lbs per square yard. Most helicopter component covers are .5 pounds per square yard and are easily stowed onboard aircraft. That is more than 50% lighter than traditional canvas and vinyl covers.

Reusable - Rolin's covers can be quickly installed and removed on a daily basis and will last for at least 4 years. Breathable storage bags are included with all cover kits for compact storage and environmental protection when covers are not in-use.

Soft non-scratch liner - Multi layer construction designed to provide the best, long lasting protection to vehicle and aircraft sensitive surfaces. Does not scratch Plexiglass, Acrylic, Polycarbonate or Lexan. This soft non-scratch liner disperses moisture evenly to expedite the dissipation of heat and moisture vapor.

Waterproof - Condensation, rain, snow, and sleet will not penetrate the multiple layers of the cover. Rolin's protective covers have proven effective in all climates due to the unique combination of DWR, woven and nonwoven materials.

Breathable - By design, moisture under the cover is drawn toward the outside of the cover via the microporous and breathable barrier design of the technology. Moisture and heat are allowed to escape, thus reducing the relative humidity.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor - OPTIONAL in all Rolin Covers. Reduces corrosion by up to 95% on multiple different metals. Prevents degradation from rust or other electro-chemical processes.


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